Holi (Indian festival of colours)

Holi is an ancient Indian festival. It's also popularly known as Festival of Spring, Festival of colors or the Festival of love. India's Holi festival could just be one of the most beautiful celebrations. It's one of my favourite festivals. 

It's a festival that has inspired some evergreen songs and scenes in Bollywood, from Rang barse to Holi ke din. Holi is an effective ambiance for romance and will continue to be popular in love stories, especially those that have more of an Indian appeal." Here is a list of Top 10 Holi songs in Bollywood movie


Holi has become a popular festival in Europe in the form of a music festival, featuring songs accompanied by an exuberant riot of color on streets and buildings. It's also one most popular.

Baysiclove gets its inspiration from this vibrant and colorful festival. Bright and vibrant colors are an integral part of our collection. 

Holi fashion trends: