Kaftans For Every Occasion: A blog around the versatility of kaftans and how they are suitable for almost any occasion.


In the last few years, kaftans have become a popular wardrobe staple for women throughout the world. It's no surprise then that the versatility of kaftans makes them suitable for almost any occasion.

Kaftans are usually associated with luxury and beach vacations, but they are highly versatile.

Love an informal look? Kaftans are a great way to have your cake and eat it too! Why? Just because of their versatility. Kaftans for every occasion? 100% of the time!

Kaftans are a wardrobe staple in almost all parts of the world, becoming more and more popular each year. They have been around since Biblical times, however history has shown that their versatility is extraordinary. They are not old, dated clothing but rather something that will be fashionable for many years to come.


Front open kaftan:Our Front Open Kaftan makes a statement as you walk on your way to the beach. Pair with our ‘Under the Sun’ sandals, cut-out booties or chunky wedges for an effortless, yet stylish look

Tye and Dye kaftan:Opt for natural fabrics like cotton & Linen if you plan on wearing a kaftan to the beach and poolside or if even if you are just lounging at home so that breathable fabric keeps you cool!

A beautiful long kaftan for casual days, featuring a flattering loose fit. This versatile piece can be styled with your favourite sandals or flats for a relaxed look, or try adding heels and a belt around the waist to add some height and glamour to your outfit.


Embellished Kaftan dress:This gorgeous kaftan dress is embellished with a unique mirrorwork design and string belt. Perfect for special occasions where you want to stand out from the crowd

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